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Many of the HR practices used today are geared towards looking in the rearview mirror, despite the fact that the past decade has sparked an avalanche of change in the labor markets. Together with you, I look ahead to see which HR trends are driving the transformations further and which new trends are shaping the future of work. The only way to evolve in an increasingly volatile, complex, and ambiguous world is to accept the challenge and go with the flow. Flexible, adaptable and resilient structures support companies in transition.


Intercultural management

Understanding both one's own and other cultures, particularly the similarities and differences in terms of values, beliefs or behavior, is the basis of intercultural awareness.

My approach:

I support the creation of a sustainable global work environment, taking into account geographical and cultural challenges, as well as developing programs and practices to promote a better understanding of cultural behaviors and communication styles.


Diversity & inclusion

Employers use diversity and inclusion initiatives to meet legal requirements and increase overall performance with a more diverse workforce.

My approach:

I support the design of an organization that ensures diversity and integration, promotes equality and promotes minorities, as well as recognizing and removing obstacles from unconscious prejudices or preferences that have a direct impact on the culture, mission and values ​​in their organizations.


Future of work

The future of work is today! The pace of change is often faster than the speed of reaction. It is important to stay on course or change course to adapt to trends and ways of working.

My approach:

I support you in questions of the work environment and workplace of the future, hybrid work, virtual interactions or gamification.


Engagement at universities

Universities have become key innovation partners for many companies.

My approach:

I support the development of cooperation strategies with a focus on master’s or dual study programs, the recruitment of working students and interns, recruitment and onboarding strategies for graduates, as well as the implementation of entry-level programs.

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