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Strategy & Transformation & Leadership Engagement

A company with a clearly defined purpose and a strong backbone offers clarity and structure, as well as flexibility and strength. The clarity of the backbone is key to employee engagement. Employees want to work for an organization that has a purpose that inspires, challenges, promotes and values them​​.

My approach:

Strategy development - & transfer by means of storytelling & leadership workshops, change agent programs & individual coaching, with the aim of aligning the management team with the corporate strategy and developing it into ambassadors.



Organizational development & design

Organizational development is an ongoing process - it forms great teams, gives them the conditions under which they can thrive and supports them in optimizing the systems. It can affect the entire organization or a team with the aim of developing new structures, processes and competencies.

My approach:

Prototyping and design thinking workshops support, on the one hand, the development and implementation of new structures, e.g. streamlining of the lines, matrix or agile networks, on the other hand, definition, implementation and communication of the appropriate culture, mission and guidelines.



HR strategy & organization

The world of work is becoming more complex, diverse and ambiguous, while traditional work models are giving way to automated forms of employment. Every company is unique and today's environment requires an adaptable and differentiated approach to human resource management. The role of the HR department continues to evolve and plays an increasingly important role in the design of sustainable organizations.

My approach:

My HR expert know-how, many years of global leadership experience and creative, innovative methods in HR strategy development support you, especially in the transition from a transactional to a value-adding HR strategy, as well as in building an innovative HR team for the implementation of an efficient, effective and sustainable HR work.


Growth, Crises & Innovation

Even the best strategic plans can be influenced by factors such as market demand, customer behavior, economic crises, pandemics, or an unexpected phase of innovation. It is important to recognize the basic problems and patterns in order to successfully align your company in uncertain times.

My approach:

I offer support in developing competitive growth and innovation strategies to strengthen the culture for developing new products, ideas and processes, as well as in identifying various crisis management tools and practices.

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